Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Numero Uno!

Finally, after years I've introduced to the internet, today is the glorious day of my first ever Blogspot. I should thank my friend, Sudin ( for encouraged (persuaded) me to have one.

He said "I know you have a deviantart account, but there's so many superb and hyper talented guys in that website, (yeah, i know, i'm not included haha), I think a blog should works better on us because people can't view artworks or superb galleries massively like deviantart, so our chances to get known by future clients is more far brighter,"

So, with no hesitation, this my own blogspot, weeeeeee...!!! I'll post my artworks after this, till then, cheerio!

p/s: plz don't take serious about my poor English ya..:P

~ cloude nimbus

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