Thursday, October 15, 2009


This boy name is Woody. Inspired by Pinocchio :P...
It's actually a visual entity for Romancesa's song entitled "Woody"


once upon a time
there lived an old man
he had no children
he want a son very much

the old man was a carpenter
he made a puppet
out of wood
one day he saw the puppet moved

the puppet stood up
and started to talk
the old man was very happy
he named the puppet woody

the old man told woody
to be a good boy
and he also sent woody
to school

Lyric/Song by: Hizani

You guys can listen to the teaser version by clicking the Reverbnation widget, tq


Anonymous said...

fuhh hizani yg wat lirik ni ? cayalahhh

Nimbus said...

yeah die yg buat hehe..lagu ni laaaammaaaa sangat dah ade eheh