Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aum! Aum! The Harimau Malaya

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Name: Aum !Aum! The Harimau Malaya (AATHM)

Aum! Aum! got nothing to do with the famous professional wrestler, Rey Mysterio nor he participated in some Lucha Libre tournaments 
in Mexico. Don't be fooled by his appearance, his profile is somehow remained as a mystery. What we can strongly assume is that Aum! Aum! was originated from Malaysia due of his extreme support towards the Malaysia National Football Team.

Aum! Aum! superpowers and mission are one of kind compared than any superheroes or vigilantes around, and related to his passion towards the Malaysia National Football team. His motto and propaganda is simple, "Go! Go! Harimau Malaya! Aum! Aum!" (GGHMAA!).
The mission he had swore to fulfil before embracing Armageddon or before he die (at least) is to make all Malaysian give 100% or more
support and passion to the national football team.

This vigilante superpowers are more unique, he can persuade and motivate Malaysian to give full supports to the national football team. If his first attempt failed, he usually give a nonstop long run period lecture (minimum for 5 hours) to his target until the target cry, repent and regret from his earlier action. Beaten and smacked down by Aum! Aum! are normal consequences for those were stubborn enough from his two earlier methods. Hospitalized in ICU ward is the ultimate result from Aum! Aum! wrath especially for those who mocking their own national team. This shameful act can't be tolerated by Aum! Aum! at any cost.

Even though his actions made him fit the role as a nationalist, he don't mind if Malaysian supports other football teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, or whatever clubs, as long as the capacity not overpowering the love towards the national team.

Aum! Aum! only weakness is that he can't hear or listen if people chants "Miaw!Miaw!". He will become weak and automatically go to sleep. The End.

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